Presque Isle Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Presque Isle Academy diploma the same as other high schools?

Yes, our diploma is the same as other high schools. We are a public high school, utilizing the Michigan Merit Curriculum and high school content expectations. We are fully accredited by the Michigan Department of Education.


Is the work easier at PIA?

The Academy tries to be all things for all students. Because credit recovery is often the goal, our courses are accelerated and designed to teach the learner in areas of deficiency.  If a student has some prior knowledge of subject matter, courses are generally completed earlier than in traditional high schools. In most cases, students enroll with gaps in their education. Any extra time gained by accelerated coursework is usually needed for remediation. So, most students need 4 years to complete the high school curriculum.


Is the Presque Isle Academy a school for slackers?

Hardly, the Academy is for kids who don’t want to quit but need a different approach to learning. PIA is a high school for students, which for a variety of reasons, were not successful in their previous high school. Successful students find PIA requires self motivation and discipline. Many students work harder at PIA than they ever have in the past.


If I work hard can I graduate early?

Many students thrive in a self-paced learning environment. PIA  does allow early graduation but encourages students to take advantage of every opportunity we offer.  Often, students who are completing the last of their academic requirements, decide to begin dual enrollment coursework.


I plan on going to college after high school. Shouldn’t I enroll at PIA and let them pay for my college now?

PIA is designed for students who are at-risk of not graduating at their current high school. If you are doing well, you should enroll in advanced college preparatory courses or dual enroll at your home school.


What if I want to finish high school early and enlist in the military?

The director will issue a letter indicating you have completed all curricular requirements necessary to receive your high school diploma. The letter will be accepted as proof of graduation until you receive your high school diploma in May. 


What if I get too old before I finish completing the credits needed for graduation?

We make every attempt to insure students have the opportunity to leave PIA credentialed.  Once a student is targeted as "aging-out" or will be unable to complete credits required for graduation, we provide GED preparation and testing.


Is Edguenity the only way to learn at PIA?

No! PIA uses an innovative blended learning model. Teacher centered courses break-down curriculum into learning modules that are consistent with our on-line curriculum. At the end of each week a student must pass a post-test with 80% proficiency. Students may choose to work in the teacher led classroom environment, work at their own pace in the computer lab or a combination of both environments. In addition, students may work at home or anywhere there is internet.   We work to give credit in innovative ways.


This sounds great! Do students fail at PIA?

Students must pass module post-tests to earn credit. Most courses have 10-14 modules. A student will not receive a failing grade but credit will not be issued until all modules have been passed for the course.


Does the Academy have Special Education?

Special Education teachers and aides are not on staff at PIA. The COPESD will work with us to provide appropriate help in extreme situations. PIA has created a learning environment where students who have specific learning disabilities often find success through hard work. Some accommodations that we provide are: extra time to complete work, individualized curriculum, varied approaches to learning and extra tutorial time.


How much does it cost?

The Presque Isle Academy is a Michigan public high school, there is no fee.


Does the Academy provide transportation?

The Onaway Schools provide busing for in-district students and pick up/drop off out-of-district students at various  locations.


May I use my high speed internet connection to complete classes at home?

If the situation requires the student to learn at home we make it available.  All students are encouraged to complete work in the evenings. Our curriculum is accessible anywhere there is internet, every day, all day. 


What electives are offered at PIA?

We offer school-to-work, job shadowing, volunteer projects, art, lifetime sports, adventure education, culinary arts and many independent study options


What if I have a job?

We schedule school work around your job. In most cases, students also earn elective credit through our School-to-work program.


How do I enroll?

Because the Academy does not compete with area high schools for students, we recommend you talk with your school counselor or principal before calling us. If you are not enrolled in high school or you want to learn more about our school, please call (989) 733-6708.